More power to AWS Integration – now create EC2 instances within apiculus!

Background: With AWS (Amazon Web Services) integration on apiculus, cloud service providers can offer AWS subscription packs from their Cloud Marketplace, define the pricing for these subscription packs as well as view all the transactions at one place. Subscribers, on the other hand, get to link their existing AWS accounts to the Service Provider’s billing organization and manage their AWS resources and monitor usage charges via the apiculus CloudConsole. A unified invoice for all the services consumed by the subscriber is created straight from the apiculus CloudConsole.

The AWS integration on apiculus has been revamped in this update with more powerful features to operate multiple clouds from a single interface. Here’s a quick glance at what’s included in this update.

What’s included in this update and how does it work?

In this update, the AWS on apiculus has been given a boost in the form of revamped information design, quick links and the ability to create EC2 instances from within the apiculus CloudConsole. This update is for those subscribers who have linked their AWS accounts to the service provider’s cloud using the AWS integration pack.

  • Information redesign: addressing some of the feedback and suggestions we received, apiculus now provides more detailed and contextual information as part of AWS integration. We have improved the way information is designed and presented. The entire user journey from service request to service activation and the details that are shown on the UI, is now optimised informationally and designed to provide the right information at the right point.
  • Quick links: apiculus comes with quick links added on the EC2 listing, that allows for direct navigation to the EC2 instance details or even the EC2 console screen, on AWS. This ensures better and more free-flowing user experience.
  • EC2 provisioning: EC2 instances can now be created directly from the apiculus CloudConsole. Going with the theme of simplicity, apiculus extends its single-form paradigm and allows for quick creation of EC2 instances.

Apiculus keeps evolving as per industry requirements, user feedback and suggestions. We have also planned a roadmap to include viewing S3 and RDS services along with EC2 on the apiculus CloudConsole. Provisioning S3 and RDS services from the apiculus Cloud console marketplace.

You can register for our 15-days trial of apiculus here. If you have any queries, feedback or suggestions, You can contact us here and our cloud experts will be happy to assist you!

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