Why should service providers launch
an in-country public cloud?

e-Book Outline

Learn how telcos, ISPs & data centres can capitalize on the multi-million dollar revenue opportunity by setting up in-country clouds in emerging markets.

Chapter 1

This chapter explains why the public cloud business is so important today, what its advantages are from the service providers’ perspective, and what is the scale of the global cloud business.

Chapter 2

This chapter will introduce the reader to the worldwide trend of regulating the cloud business. It will show how this trend is creating a massive business opportunity for local service providers in setting up in-country cloud businesses.

Chapter 3

This chapter delves into the competitive advantages of an in-country public cloud, vis-à-vis a global cloud, which make it an attractive and sustainable business proposition for service providers.

Chapter 4

This chapter goes into the actual running of a cloud business by presenting five mantras—best practices—that will guarantee business success for public cloud businesses.

Chapter 5

This chapter explains the numbers that make the in-country cloud business so lucrative. It also offers actionable advice on the cost and the revenue parameters of running a profitable cloud services business.

Who is this book for

CXOs of telcos, ISPs & data centres, or any other hosting, VPS or cloud service providers researchers interested in the regional public cloud market

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