Service Integration

We can Help you Start from Scratch or Integrate with Existing Cloud Infrastructure

Linux Instances

We create and manage virtualized Linux instances offered by Apache Cloudstack, commonly referred to as virtual machines (VMs), within a cloud infrastructure, allowing users to run Linux-based workloads and applications in a scalable and flexible manner.

Windows Instances

We specialize in the provisioning and administration of virtualized Windows instances, powered by Apache CloudStack. These instances, often recognized as virtual machines (VMs), are seamlessly integrated into our cloud infrastructure. They provide users with the versatility to operate Windows-based workloads and applications, all while benefiting from the scalability and flexibility inherent to cloud computing.

Block Volumes

Our cloud infrastructure seamlessly integrates Apache CloudStack to offer efficient block volume management. These block volumes, a crucial component for data storage, are effortlessly provisioned, scaled, and managed within our cloud environment. This ensures that your applications and services have access to reliable and scalable storage resources, facilitating optimal performance and data management.

VPC Networking

Leveraging Apache CloudStack, our cloud infrastructure delivers powerful VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) networking solutions. We provide secure and isolated network environments, enabling you to design and manage your own virtual networks, subnets, and routing configurations. With VPC Networking, you have the flexibility to define your network architecture, ensuring data privacy, seamless communication, and robust network security within your cloud environment.

Apiculus Autoscale

With Apiculus Autoscale, you gain the agility to dynamically adapt your cloud resources to fluctuating demands. Our intelligent scaling solution leverages real-time data and customizable policies to automatically adjust computing resources, ensuring optimal performance and cost efficiency. Apiculus Autoscale empowers you to seamlessly navigate varying workloads while maintaining a consistent user experience and cost-effectiveness within your cloud infrastructure.

DNS Management

Our DNS Management solution, powered by PowerDNS, puts you in full control of your domain's DNS settings. With a user-friendly interface and robust features, you can easily manage DNS records, configure zones, and ensure swift and reliable domain resolution. PowerDNS empowers you to maintain the integrity and accessibility of your online assets, making it a vital tool for effective DNS management within your infrastructure.

Multi-Cloud AWS

AWS, a pioneer in cloud services, offers Multi-Cloud AWS solutions designed to streamline your multi-cloud management. With AWS Multi-Cloud, you can effortlessly orchestrate and optimize your cloud resources across various cloud providers, ensuring efficiency, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. Benefit from AWS's expertise in multi-cloud strategies to achieve seamless integration and management of your cloud assets, unlocking new possibilities for your cloud environment.

Metal Instances

Our Metal Instances, powered by Canonical MAAS (Metal as a Service), provide a robust foundation for dedicated server hosting. Canonical MAAS automates the deployment and management of physical machines, allowing you to harness the power of bare metal servers with ease. Whether for high-performance computing, specialized workloads, or single-tenant environments, Metal Instances deliver the reliability and control needed for your infrastructure.

Virtual Firewall Instances

Experience enhanced network security with Virtual Firewall Instances, powered by pfSense. We leverage pfSense's robust firewall capabilities to provide virtualized security appliances, safeguarding your network from threats and ensuring controlled access. Our Virtual Firewall Instances enable you to define and enforce security policies, monitor traffic, and protect your infrastructure, all while benefiting from pfSense's renowned reliability and versatility in network defense.

Load Balancer Instances

Our Load Balancer Instances, featuring Citrix Netscaler VPX technology, optimize application performance and availability. Citrix Netscaler VPX provides powerful load balancing capabilities, distributing traffic intelligently across servers for seamless scalability and enhanced responsiveness. With our Load Balancer Instances, you can ensure high availability, maximize resource utilization, and deliver an exceptional user experience, all thanks to the robust capabilities of Citrix Netscaler VPX.


Our Kubernetes integration, powered by Apache CloudStack, offers a seamless orchestration platform for containerized applications. Leveraging Apache CloudStack's capabilities, Kubernetes enables automated deployment, scaling, and management of containerized workloads. With this dynamic combination, you can easily harness the power of containerization, ensuring efficient resource utilization and flexibility for your cloud-native applications.

Managed Services

Our comprehensive managed services offer a tailored approach to streamline and optimize your IT operations. With a team of experts at your disposal, we take care of critical tasks such as infrastructure management, security, monitoring, and more. By partnering with us for managed services, you can focus on your core business objectives while we ensure the reliability, security, and efficiency of your IT environment. Experience peace of mind and enhanced productivity with our top-notch managed services.

Instance & Volume Backups

StorPool VolumeCare enhances data protection with its robust instance and volume backup solutions. Ensure the safety and availability of your critical data by utilizing StorPool VolumeCare's advanced backup capabilities. With this solution, you can effortlessly create and manage backups of your instances and volumes, allowing you to recover from data loss or disasters efficiently. StorPool VolumeCare provides peace of mind for your data management needs within your infrastructure.

Virtual Firewall Instances

Experience top-tier network security with our Virtual Firewall Instances, featuring Fortinet Virtual Firewall technology. Fortinet is a renowned leader in cybersecurity, and our Virtual Firewall Instances leverage their expertise to provide advanced firewall protection for your network. With Fortinet's Virtual Firewall, you can safeguard your infrastructure, define security policies, and monitor traffic effectively. Ensure the integrity and security of your network assets with our Virtual Firewall Instances powered by Fortinet.

S2S and RA VPN

Our VPN solutions, powered by Apache CloudStack, encompass Site-to-Site (S2S) and Remote Access (RA) VPNs. These secure networking technologies enable seamless connectivity, whether between remote offices, data centers, or individual users. Leveraging Apache CloudStack's capabilities, our S2S and RA VPN offerings ensure robust encryption, secure data transmission, and easy access for remote users, enhancing the flexibility and security of your network infrastructure.

Images & Snapshots

Leverage the power of Apache CloudStack for efficient management of images and snapshots within your cloud infrastructure. With our solution, you can seamlessly create, store, and deploy images, providing a foundation for rapid application provisioning. Additionally, our snapshot capabilities empower you to capture and protect your system's state, ensuring data resilience and efficient recovery options. Apache CloudStack enables you to maintain optimal control and flexibility over your image and snapshot management needs.

Account-Level Storage

Experience streamlined storage management with Apache CloudStack's account-level storage solution. Our platform offers robust storage management capabilities at the account level, allowing you to efficiently allocate, organize, and control storage resources for individual accounts. With Apache CloudStack, you can ensure data isolation, optimize resource utilization, and tailor storage configurations to meet the specific needs of each account, enhancing flexibility and control within your cloud infrastructure.

Account-Level Data Transfer

Our Apache CloudStack solution brings you efficient account-level data transfer capabilities. With our platform, you can seamlessly manage data transfer for individual accounts, ensuring secure and efficient communication within your cloud infrastructure. Apache CloudStack empowers you to tailor data transfer configurations, monitor usage, and maintain control over data traffic, enhancing the flexibility and performance of your account-level data transfer needs.

Object Storage S3

Our object storage solution, powered by Cloudian HyperStore, provides a scalable and cost-effective platform for managing and storing vast volumes of unstructured data. Whether you need to store, retrieve, or manage data through S3-compatible APIs, Cloudian HyperStore offers the agility and flexibility required for modern data management. Benefit from our integration with Cloudian HyperStore to ensure data durability, accessibility, and scalability within your infrastructure.

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