Reseller and Channel Management on apiculus to effectively manage your customer acquisition channels

Cloud service providers who diversify their sales channels by partnering with a network of resellers now have an effective means to streamline their accounts and billing directly from the apiculus CloudConsole. Apiculus offers a clear, accountable and reliable means of managing resellers, partner channels and their subscribers from a single pane of glass. Apiculus enables channel planning and creates a systematic flow of resellers, their accounts and enables tagging of subscribers to the reseller accounts to get a (boost profitability) profitable sales strategy and eliminate ambiguity in the process.

What’s included in this update and how does it work?

This update brings more features to effectively manage your customer acquisition channels. Service providers have the ability to manage resellers, and each reseller in turn can view and manage the accounts that they are tagged to, using their respective reseller codes. Here’s a quick look at what’s included in this update:

  • Create a reseller: On apiculus, resellers are created from the main navigation panel. Reseller codes are created and subscribers that are created are tagged to a reseller.
  • Assigning a reseller to an account: Any new account created is then tagged to an existing reseller. In case the subscriber initiates the signup process, the subscriber gets an input field to mention the reseller code. If a subscriber account is being created by the admin, all available reseller codes are shown to the account creator in a dropdown menu and the admin can select the appropriate reseller.
  • Viewing reseller-tagged accounts: All admins, account managers and partner managers can view reseller details and also see accounts that are tagged to each reseller.
  • Reseller login: All resellers get a single restricted login to apiculus where they can view all the accounts that are tagged to them.
  • Reseller reports: Reseller reports are handled entirely using the apiculus reporting system. Highly customised reports can be configured and delivered not only to account, partner and financial managers in the service provider’s team, but also be extended to the reseller via dashboards that can be shared directly.

Currently, the reseller management on apiculus supports the following features:

  • Reseller account and code creation
  • Subscriber account tagging with reseller codes
  • Percentage commission specification for reporting
  • Reseller login and viewing list of subscriber accounts tagged to self.

With the ability to systematically manage direct and indirect subscribers, cloud service providers get an effective tool to further their sales efforts, calculate accurate commissions and derive customised reports.

Apiculus keeps evolving as we keep adding new and exciting features. We shall keep you posted whenever we roll out new updates, enhancements to existing features or new features.

If you have any queries, feedback or suggestions, You can contact us here and our cloud experts will be happy to assist you!

Kshitish Purohit

Kshitish is a ‘startup expert’ and has been involved with early stage startups, seeing various phases of growth, for more than 15 years. A specialist in Product Management, User Experience, Technology and Product Growth/Strategy, Kshitish is a seasoned entrepreneur with deep expertise in building enterprise products and horizontal/vertical SaaS. Kshitish did his PG in Product Design from NID, Ahmedabad.

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