aKS brings the power of Kubernetes to clouds running on Apache Cloudstack

Enhancing the ability to scale deployments in environments with large clusters, Kubernetes keeps evolving and today, Kubernetes provides you with a powerful engine and a rich ecosystem of tools to run distributed systems resiliently. Kubernetes also handles scaling and failover of your applications, provides deployment patterns and more. It effectively load-balances and distributes network traffic to ensure that the deployment is stable. With storage orchestration, Kubernetes helps make the best use of your resources. But, as Kubernetes get deployed in more complex environments, as organizations scale and as more and more Kubernetes clusters are deployed, cluster management becomes complicated.

To offer new opportunities in monetisation and portfolio expansion for service providers, apiculus, a fully integrated and re-brandable public cloud management software for ISPs, data centres and telcos has added Kubernetes service to their existing pool of offerings.

apiculus Kubernetes Service (aKS) – a fully automated ClusterOps service

apiculus Kubernetes Service allows users to seamlessly deploy Kubernetes clusters for running containerized cloud-native workloads. Built on K3s it is lightweight, CNCF compliant and enables Service Providers and Subscribers to instantly create Kubernetes Clusters with all the ingress and master worker configurations applied. Kubernetes cluster management is made easy as you can view workloads, ingress, volumes and monitor utilization all on a single pane of glass.

So, what does this mean for Service Providers?

Service Providers (SPs) who are successfully running apiculus Cloud Management Platform, have a distinct advantage in terms of their adding value to their offerings. As a part of their Public Cloud offerings, SPs can now include an aKS subscription packs (powered by apiculus) from the Cloud Marketplace. aKS can be billed separately for each cluster, each component compute, networking or storage resource. Furthermore, SPs will be able to generate and view aKS billing reports for subscribers.

And, what does this mean for Subscribers?

For subscribers to any of the Service Providers running apiculus Cloud Management Platform, aKS opens opportunities to instantly create single-master Kubernetes clusters and effectively manage their assigned resources from the apiculus CloudConsole. aKS also simplifies the monitoring of usage and the charges associated with the aKS resources. A unified invoice can be generated for all the services that are consumed from the Service Provider’s apiculus CloudConsole.

aKS v1 supports the following:

–          Provisioning of aKS subscription packs from the marketplace.

–          Single-click creation of single-master Kubernetes clusters.

–          Automated storage, ingress, networking and other cluster configurations.

–          Kubeconfig file download and setup for accessing the cluster.

–          Monitoring of aKS clusters on the SP/apiculus® CloudConsole.

–          Password-based redirect to Rancher console for advanced cluster management.

–          Usage-based invoicing of aKS subscriptions along with other SP cloud services.

More on aKS in the future :

The roadmap for aKS (apiculus Kubernetes Services) includes enabling Service Providers and Subscribers in turn with enhanced features and greater ability to converge with other available architectures such as Multi-master clusters etc. Support for OpenStack powered clouds and public clouds is also on the horizon. aKS will also be able to support orchestrating hyper-converged clusters on bare metal using Ceph for storage.

With an aim to offer comprehensive solutions to enable Service Providers and their Subscribers to run successful Public Clouds within their locations, apiculus is working on several features and services that can be effectively deployed, metered, billed and monitored.

For more information and consulting on how to set up aKS on your Public Cloud, contact us.

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