Marketing and Analytics Stack Integration

Understanding user behaviour, behavioural clickstreams, user preferences and similar insights empower the product and marketing decision-making process. It also helps measure and understand the ROI based on solid data. Marketing Analytics and automation are powerful. Especially for Cloud Service Providers, understanding how subscribers interact with your services and implementing automation in various marketing aspects not only offers insights that enable you to make informed marketing decisions but also add value to your existing marketing stack.

apiculus now brings the power of Google to capture such insights which can be used to either enhance or tweak future marketing strategies according to customer preferences. Cloud Service Providers can now gain deep marketing intelligence within the apiculus CloudConsole itself.

apiculus’ Marketing and Analytics Stack integration works with Google Tag Manager – this means that as service provider using this feature, your marketing team can now use apiculus data directly into your marketing intelligence stack – whether it’s chat, CRM, automation, analytics, instead of working in a separate silo, you get a comprehensive solution for marketing analytics and automation.

What Exactly is Google Tag Manager? 

Designed with marketers in mind, Google Tag Manager helps capture data for analysis which can be customized for tracking events, link clicks, button clicks, setup real time chat features, and implement a lot of automated features in the marketing stack.

GTM has three components – Tags, Triggers and Variables. Marketing tags are snippets of code or tracking pixels that are deployed on the source without having to modify the code. Triggers tell GTM when to fire a tag and Variables provide additional information for the trigger to work. Google Tag Manager makes the process of managing analytics from various sources and third parties easy and helps you collect data for further analysis.

How does apiculus Marketing and Analytics Stack Integration Work?

apiculus marketing and analytics stack integration is one of the smallest but the most power-packed offering that integrates the capabilities of Google Tag Manager to extend the SP suit into a wide range of clickstream-based marketing and analytics tools like Google Analytics, Heap, Amplitude, Segment, social media retargeting, real-time chat and more. GTM can be linked to apiculus by specifying the GTM container ID that the marketing team wishes to use. Tags can be set up for applications on the marketing and analytics stacks.

As a cloud service provider, you can use apiculus data and bring it directly into your marketing intelligence stack – whether it’s chat, CRM, automation or analytics. Some of the major implementations of this feature include:

  • Setting up real-time chat using HubSpot, Drift or Intercom
  • Use of Intercom to push product updates to all their customers who are logged in to the portal.
  • Apiculus data can be used with automation and CRM tools like Pardot and Hubspot.
  • Clickstream data can be pulled and used for analytics with Google Analytics, Heap, Amplitude, Mixpanel etc.
  • Tailored content can be pushed to customers on social media platforms like Facebook, Google and LinkedIn by setting up their pixels with GTM.

Currently, Google Tag Manager (GTM) integration is a config-driven feature that works on the basis of GTM container IDs. GTM integration management will be made available on the SP CloudConsole UI as part of the configuration manager, which will be released by early 2021.

Why should Public Cloud Service Providers care?

Marketing teams can now use apiculus data which includes chat, CRM, analytics or automation without having to change their existing workflows. Apiculus brings a host of features bundled up in one power-packed tool which provides a unique way of gathering data, analytics and automating your marketing stack.

Demonstrating credibility of marketing efforts and building a powerful marketing strategy with the right tools is now possible all in one place – within your apiculus CloudConsole. The adoption of strategic marketing analytics enables you to measure ROI to understand the progress made in your marketing endeavors to make better strategic decisions.

For more information and consulting on how to set up Marketing and Analytics Stack Integration on your Public Cloud, contact us.

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