Resell AWS from your own cloud with AWS-Apiculus integration

The Public Cloud Market is massive – but is currently dominated by the three major players – the hyperscalers – Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. The market share breakdown of these three players indicates that AWS is in the lead owning one-third of the market, followed by Microsoft and lastly Google. The overall growth of the Cloud Infrastructure market is 42% and AWS has seen some of the highest sales gains recently.

Across the world, an increasing emphasis on digital transformation and the transition to Industry 4.0 has accelerated the demand for cloud services. With Small and Medium Enterprises getting on the Cloud bandwagon, the market size will expand exponentially in the emerging markets too.

apiculus offers emerging markets with the technology to enable Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Telecom companies and Data Centres to offer in-country Public Cloud Services in their region. This makes enacting data residency and data protection laws easy, significantly lowers the latency and offers options for stacking technologies and customized pricing too. apiculus is a 360 degrees solution that covers cloud management portal, billing platform, underlying tech stack, and professional services.

In-Country Public Cloud Services & AWS – Can the two work together? 

apiculus AWS integration can now be enabled for all service providers who are existing partners for AWS or are looking at building an AWS partnership to resell AWS cloud in their local geographies.

Cloud Service Providers can leverage the price and data residency benefits of an in-country cloud while offering the opportunity to scale as much as the application requires. They can resell AWS and offer their customers a unified cloud usage and billing experience.

How does it work for Service Providers?

The Service Provider will be listed on AWS as an organization or a billing entity. With AWS integration on apiculus, SPs can bill their customers for AWS services consumption. SPs can offer AWS subscription packs from their Cloud Marketplace powered by apiculus. The pricing for these subscription packs can be defined by the Service Provider. The Service Provider will also be able to define reseller discounts for their end customers. All transactions can be viewed under AWS billing reports.

How does it work for a Cloud Subscriber?

With apiculus AWS integration, subscribers will be able to link their existing AWS accounts to the Service Provider’s billing organization.

Subscriber will be able to manage their AWS resources and monitor usage charges via SP’s apiculus CloudConsole. This enables the subscriber to get a unified invoice for all services consumed from the SP/apiculus CloudConsole.

With AWS integration you can:

– List AWS subscription packs on the marketplace

– Link the existing AWS accounts to your billing organization

– View and manage EC2 instances on the CloudConsole

– Existing AWS accounts can be linked to the SP’s billing organization

– For AWS management, there is token-based redirect to the AWS console for resource provisioning.

– Invoicing convenience for AWS subscriptions along with either SP cloud services.

– Features for reseller discounting and AWS consumption reports for SPs

Provisioning of EC2, S3 and RDS services, and lots more new features are coming soon. For more information and consulting on how to set up AWS integration on your Public Cloud, contact us

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