Manage Geographically Separate Regions from a Single Pane of Glass

Cloud service providers in regions in emerging markets often start with a small setup, which is predominantly circled around a single data centre. This helps them test the market and gives enough room to operationalise various aspects of running a local or regional public cloud before moving on to a scaled-up system.

While this approach makes perfect sense for risk-averse CSP, even the slightest ‘extras’ can pose a challenge. For example, for large countries or countries where the industries are distributed over larger distances; or for service providers who want to set up business continuity and disaster recovery from day 1; a setup with a single availability region puts across more questions than it can answer.

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With one of our most significant product updates, apiculus® now supports multiple geographically spaced out availability regions as part of a single deployment environment. With this, service providers can have a wider outlook while defining their cloud strategy.

What Does This Mean for Service Providers?

Needless to mention, the ability to offer cloud from more than one availability region has plenty of advantages. We’ll highlight a few strategically important benefits.

Get Closer to the End-Customers

In larger countries, especially where industrial hubs are more spaced out (e.g., Brazil, Australia and the likes), a single availability region can never offer the best user experience to someone accessing the cloud from the opposite side of the country. Service providers can build this into their business model, where another data centre location (owned or co-located), closer to other hubs, can be added to their cloud design; and thus, offer a cloud experience very much similar to that offered by AWS, Google, Azure or Digital Ocean.

Better Continuity Strategy

Earlier, for service providers using apiculus® and operating a multi-site DC-DR setup, the second site was constrained to be geographically in the vicinity of the primary site (<100km). Now, with regions, this is no longer a constraint. Since a single apiculus® can be used for both (or more) sites, this gives service providers the ability to strategise for better failover management, offer the secondary site as a pure backup location, or even offer cloud services from the secondary sites.

Global Outlook

For the more ambitious service providers, or ones with a greater appetite for risk, the option to offer regions that cross their country’s borders is also on the table. In regions where the localisation laws are not tied to an individual country (e.g., European Union), service providers can easily set up a cloud with regions in multiple countries.

How Can IndiQus Help

Whether you’re a service provider who is using apiculus® or not, we can help you fine tune your cloud strategy and also help you model a business case. The strategies highlighted above are just the tip of the iceberg and the most obvious ones. With our technology allowing for this use case, we can enable service providers with highly innovative and lucrative business models.

We are already working with service providers across the globe and helping them execute one or more of these above strategies. We’re proud to be associated with forward-looking telecom businesses, data centres and ISPs who have absorbed cloud in their DNA, and we’re super excited at how supporting multiple regions because will allow service providers in emerging markets to grow limitlessly in a much more risk-free manner. While strategising is one of the areas we can help with, our expertise also lies in helping overcome operational challenges in such a context.

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Kshitish Purohit

Kshitish is a ‘startup expert’ and has been involved with early stage startups, seeing various phases of growth, for more than 15 years. A specialist in Product Management, User Experience, Technology and Product Growth/Strategy, Kshitish is a seasoned entrepreneur with deep expertise in building enterprise products and horizontal/vertical SaaS. Kshitish did his PG in Product Design from NID, Ahmedabad.

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