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Gain complete understanding of Apiculus cloud solutions by participating in sessions conducted by our cloud consultant

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Technological Support

Benefit from L2, L3, and advanced technical support across the entire cloud technology stack. Apiculus also supports partners by collaborating with them to design and architect cloud solution for their customers. Gain access to a highly specialized talent pool of experienced cloud technology experts.

Business Support

Apiculus supports partners by providing product knowledge, marketing literature, ongoing solutioning support, pre-sales support, customer presentations, and sales and marketing workshops to help you grow your business.

Benefits of Partnership

  • No regional restriction
  • Lead-generation support
  • Sales enablement and training
  • Guiding your sales journey
  • Refreshers & Training
  • Big upfront + monthly growth.

Cloud Solutions

‘Cloud as a Service’ solution suite for enterprises & service providers to help take control of costs, ownership, performance, security while driving a stellar end-user experience.

Apiculus CSP

Apiculus.360 - Turnkey solution that combines technology, software, user experience, managed services and business consulting levers to accelerate their cloud business.

Apiculus Enterprise

Apiculus.Cloud - Fully managed, open-source based, private/hybrid clouds with design, implementation, SLA-driven 24x7 support, monitoring, updates and patches.

Frequently Asked Questions

Apiculus is a cutting-edge solution designed for managing and monetizing public clouds, catering to ISPs, data centers, and telcos aspiring to operate in-country cloud services businesses. Apiculus offers a fully integrated, single SLA-governed managed service, covering billing, technical support, marketing, and cloud commerce functions and operations. Our solution is built upon open-source technologies and components, with complete compatibility for Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) and other proprietary software.

Apiculus is a comprehensive cloud services provider with a 360-degree approach. Our specialization lies in establishing and managing in-country cloud infrastructure for Telcos, ISPs, and Data Centers in emerging markets. We also excel in a diverse range of projects, from conducting Data Center audits to deploying Enterprise-scale Private clouds.

There are compelling reasons to partner with Indiqus in building your public cloud. Our team boasts extensive domain knowledge derived from years of experience in the cloud services industry. We provide a one-stop solution encompassing both the cloud platform and related services, all under a single Service Level Agreement (SLA). Furthermore, our robust support extends to sales and marketing efforts, with a track record of successful deployments in seven countries. Currently, we manage a workload of over 15,000 virtual machines (VMs).

Initiating a cloud services business presents a multitude of compelling reasons. In today's business landscape, where traditional revenue streams are facing challenges, the cloud services industry offers significant growth potential, attractive profit margins, and the prospect of a strong return on investment (ROI), often requiring minimal initial capital outlay.

Ideally, Telcos, ISPs, and Data Centers are well-positioned to embark on an In-Country cloud venture. Additionally, if you operate a substantial enterprise services business, you can also venture into the cloud services industry. In essence, any organization with access to data center hardware, internet connectivity infrastructure, and a local customer base consisting of enterprises and small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) can explore the opportunity of launching an in-country public cloud business.

An in-country cloud business presents significant potential for high returns on your investment. If you require a tailored business case for your specific region, please sign-up in our partner program and our team will assist you further.

The benefits you receive as an Enterprise customer will vary based on the specific project we undertake. However, most of our Enterprise customers benefit from reduced operational costs, access to scalable infrastructure, and simplified management of their cloud services.

No, Apiculus does not directly own or operate data centers or provide related services.

The benefits you receive as an Enterprise customer will vary based on the specific project we undertake. However, most of our Enterprise customers benefit from reduced operational costs, access to scalable infrastructure, and simplified management of their cloud services.

You won't need to worry about recruiting and retaining a technical workforce. We offer our solution as a fully managed service, which means you can rely on us for the technical expertise required to run a public cloud. As a public cloud services provider, you can concentrate on sales (and we're here to assist with that too) and basic customer support using your existing human resources.

Absolutely, we have extensive experience working with Enterprise customers.