Cloud Solution for Aviation Industry

Cloud for Aviation Industry

Most legacy airport infrastructure lies on physical servers. We have driven the digital transformation across 3 airports in India - Delhi, Goa and Hyderabad. We enable airports to break free from the constraints of legacy IT systems and costly infrastructure. We provide innovative and flexible solutions to meet the demands of your airport operations.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

We design, manage, and operate clouds that can handle the requirements of critical and data-heavy airport applications. Our solution includes cloud architecture design, provisioning, and management, data integration and analytics, DevOps and automation, security and compliance.

Secure & Compliant Cloud

Secure and Compliant Cloud

Our solution meets the unique regulatory, security and compliance requirements of the aviation industry on a global scale. Apiculus is designed to run aviation clouds with mission-critical workloads in a secure environment.

Airport Cloud Management

Centralised Airport Cloud Management

Apiculus is designed to consolidate the IT operations at the airport. Modernise all facets of airport operations and get a single pane of glass for visibility, control and governance.

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Apiculus Features

Managed Support

24x7 Managed Support

With Apiculus, businesses get 24x7 customer support, all 365 days. You can focus on growing your business and let us support your tech operations.

Open Source friendly

Open-Source Friendly

Built on open-source technologies, Apiculus eliminates the possibility of vendor lock-ins, keeps the upfront cost low and offers complete control over the tech.

Single platform for cloud services

One Single Platform

Apiculus offers a unified, single SLA-driven managed service with L2/L3 support for all the business, technical and service operations.

Personalised Cloud

Personalised Cloud

Apiculus has built-in multi-lingual support and internationalisation so your customers can work with their cloud in native languages. Apiculus is also 100% rebrandable, which means your customers see your brand at the centre.

Scalable & Secure

Scalable and Secure

Apiculus is a secure and robust cloud management platform, which consistently has high availability. It can also be scaled anytime to meet any business’s customer requirements.

Join us in a partnership that propels your success to new heights.
Your aspirations, our commitment.

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