Top Telco Launched In-Country Public Cloud in Oman

Background & Key Challenges

With data and voice getting over-commoditised and data localisation regulations gaining momentum everywhere, there is a tremendous opportunity for telcos in emerging markets to offer in-country public cloud services. One of the top telco in Oman aimed at setting up a public cloud service for computing and storage and needed a technology and knowledge partner to take the service to market.
Data localisation

Data localisation one of the biggest challenges

Multiple Telcos

Competitive landscape with multiple telcos

government Cloud opportunities

Ability to capture government cloud opportunities

Apiculus Solution

To accommodate the customer’s diverse requirements, we took a different approach to enable the customer to comfortably compete in an already established cloud market.
Telcos Public Cloud Solution

Teleco’s public cloud

Apiculus designed & deployed the telco’s public cloud from its data centres in Oman.

Cloud Business Enablement Solution

Business engagement solutions

Apiculus also engages in continual business engagement & sales enablement.

Infrastructure as a services

Infrastructure as a service

The cloud platform delivers key services namely – Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) for the public cloud using the Apiculus Cloud Platform

Managed Services

Managed services

Managed services support to the telco with a 99.99%+ uptime and has already delivered over 10 major version upgrades for the technology and the software.

Result - Operationally profitable in 18 months

Apiculus delivered a fully secure, highly available and completely scaleable public cloud for the telco, with the following highlights:

Turnkey Cloud delivery

Turnkey delivery at an initial investment under USD 200,000.

Apiculus Cloud capacity

Initial capacity upgraded within 12 months.

IaaS & SaaS Marketplace

Complete IaaS and SaaS marketplace to manage customer lifecycle and sell cloud services.

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