Launched Rwanda's First-ever Domestic Cloud Services

Background & Key Challenges

The client is a leading Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Rwanda. They specialise in connectivity solutions and super-fast web experiences. In 2018, the client ventured into the data centre business with the realisation that the African interconnectivity network needed infrastructure for data sovereignty and ease of access for local customers. The client today has diversified offerings and is considered as one of the leading names in the technology landscape of Rwanda. They already offers high-speed local connectivity within the region.
Cloud Security

Security & privacy among top concerns

Data localisation

Data localisation gaining traction

Access to hyperscalers

Lack of access to hyperscalers (AWS, GC, Azure) in the area

Expensive Data Transfer

Sending or receiving data outside Rwanda is very expensive

Apiculus Solution

Here is how we set up public cloud services for the client:

Cloud Design architecture

Cloud Design and architecture

To begin with, we started with a basic setup sized with three production hosts. The storage configuration, virtualisation and orchestration layers were designed to be horizontally scalable to cater to current requirements as well as future growth

Network monitoring & Helpdesk system

Network monitoring and helpdesk system

To ease the day-to-day operations, network monitoring tools and a helpdesk system were integrated.

Technical training

Technical training and ongoing knowledge sessions

Going beyond support, we also offer technical training and hands-on experiences working with cloud management and help implement best practices for optimum use of the available infrastructure.

Product Support

Product support

Going beyond the technology setup, we also extended support for costing, pricing and packing their services with a go-to-market strategy.

Cloud Management Platform

White-labelled cloud management platform (CMP)

We integrated a comprehensive cloud management platform with self-service capabilities for both operations support as well as business support.

High availability-infrastructure

Multi-tenant, high availability infrastructure

The public cloud was designed to deliver a multi-tenant, high availability Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). A Cloud orchestration layer was implemented to provide automation for creating, provisioning, and configuring virtual machines and high-performance storage.

Result - Scaled their Cloud Business to 3x

In just under 8 months, the customer has scaled their cloud business to 3x and are delighting their customers with an online digital marketplace with 100% automation, self-provisioning and many other unique features.

Enterprise & SME Customers

300+ Enterprise and SMB Customers

VM Workloads

500+ Customer VM Workloads

Revenue Grownth

200% Quarter-on-Quarter Revenue Growth

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